Does the FX render the WR obsolete?

I rode for years without a headlight and have been caught out multiple times in the dark. It's not fun tip-toeing down a rocky singletrack hill when you can't see more than a couple feet in front of you. Now my main rides all have headlights, I sometimes plan a ride so as to come back in the dark.

Hum we don't plan nightime rides it just seems some of the riders are die hards that don't know when to come home.

FX will eventually replace my WR. I don't need lights and here in Montana I can plate a yz if I want. For me it's the perfect bike.



Thats kind of my thought process.  While I can't plate it (not a big issue for me), we WR Riders are uncorking them and trying to make them almost an FX anyway.  Sure, i would like a light on it, but more or less this FX seems like what we are after (outside of the CA rulebook)  This bike will be my next as well. Glad Yamaha is in the game.  Just think if we liked green or yellow.... we couldn't have a thread like this...

I have had to rely on my WR's headlight zero times - it's all a matter of where you ride and how you plan. If you think you might possibly need a light source, plan accordingly - it doesn't have to be a headlight. Maybe I should try a night trail ride.

I now have an FX. I have never used my WRs headlight the last 4 years.  I now just carry a headlamp in my pack just in case.

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