Is there anyone with a trailtech on a WR/YZ? If so could you please post a pic of how the sender is mounted.


I cant post a pic. But I can tell you to mount the sensor 3/8" further away towards the rear of the bike then the instructions show in the side view drawing showing the magnetic head bolt and the sensor position. When you are done you will notice that you get accurate speed readings that dont go to double your speed for no reason at all. I mounted mine on the side of the caliper mount on a small edge that located the step in the sensor and allows one small screw to locate it. Drill the aluminum and use the self tapping screw. :)

a pic would be nice ( and maybe a scan of the instructions??), as mine isnt actually a trailtech, its the pushbike version. Exactly the same except for a shorter cable (which I have to extend) and slower speed updating. I had it on my zxr previously and it worked fine to well over the WR's max speed :)

thanks in advance,


send me a PM with your email address and I will forward digital pics. I dont have mounting instructions any more but you will see enough in the pics. :)

what is the wr's max speed?

just thought i'd through this in. got the new performance bycycle catalog. there is a new panoram. a bit more rectangular. wonder how long till trailtech has the moto style.

Hey Indy ol buddy, maybe you could also send me the pictures too. Mine works great, but every once in a while it does read double, so I just wanted to see how much farther you mounted your sender than mine is. I'll pm you in case you still don't have my Email.

Now I'm worried. I bought a "Trail-Tech" about a year ago, its still new in the box, and will mount it this spring or so. Does anyone here recommend the billet mount? And how does it hold up to the weather, ie water/rain. I'm in Washington! :)

You can use it in light rain but I wrap it in Glad wrap when it is raining heavy. The billet protector gives a nice surface to wrap it without contacting the unit. Billet protector is a must if you crash. The unit is very delicate and light plastic. :)

what is the wr's max speed?

I'm guessing at about 100mph with std gearing

88 mph indicated on my trailtech on hard packed fire road. :)

83 Mph. But there was more in the bike, but not in me! :)

88 mph indicated on my trailtech on hard packed fire road. :)

I had mine to 86, but that was before I lost a few pounds.

Anything over 70 in the dirt scares the out of me, All I could think about is 'what if the front tire blew out on me right now'

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