07 YZ450F Gearing options, 47 or 48 tooth?

So this bike comes with a 49 tooth rear sprocket... Wanting longer gears. Should I drop 1 or 2 teeth? I know honda's come with 51 tooth rears and you usually drop 2 teeth to a 49 tooth to notice a difference... Would you try the 48 tooth first? Probably not?

One tooth doesn't make a big difference.

Is this for moto or something else?  If you want to be able to feel a noticeable difference you're going to need to go at least 2-3 to tell significantly.  1 tooth is only a 2.1% change so it's going to be hard to notice.  If you go 3 now you're up to a 6.2% difference which you will feel.    Gear ratios are just math.  

Whenever I want to gear up for some more open and fast riding I leave the rear sprocket alone and throw on a 14t front sprocket. Lot's easier and cheaper.  That's roughly equivalent to dropping 4 teeth off the rear sprocket.

good to know guys. 4 teeth is a little much, but its cool to know that ratio. I figured 1 tooth wouldnt be noticable.....

More like 3 teeth, actually.  


49/13= 3.77:1


46/13= 3.53:1    


49/14= 3.50:1


I used to switch between a 14 and 15 front on my '03 all the time. 

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