where NOT to restart your bike...

Well, this weekend was almost my last for a while. As I crested the start/finish jump at thundercross, several feet above the ground, looking down I saw someone parked right in front of me on the bottom of the jump trying to start their bike. I was headed dead at their rear fender. Well I turned the bike as much as I could in the air and I thank my lucky stars that when I hit the ground I was able to turn enough on the down side of the jump to miss him by a few inches. I stalled during the full slide mode manuver so I rolled off the track and chatted with a friend who saw the whole thing. He confirmed what I saw, that the flag man had not been waving any flags at all. :) Still drinking a coke, he looks down and gives us the "oops" shoulder shrug. I gave him a few (non-profane) hand jestures but figured speaking to him was wasting my breath so I spoke to his boss instead.

I guess I have 2 points. First, how good are the flag people at the tracks where you all practice? I love the thundercross track but the flag people seem to be somewhat less than focused on more than one occasion and it's starting to get scarry. I'm very easy going at practice and always slow down when necessary, but there are some places (such as large jumps that you cannot see over) where you expect and need help from the flaggers to be safe. Second, if you stall over a jump, PLEASE do not park at the bottom of the jump where no one can see you and try to start your bike!

Wow I guess someone was watching over me because I have no idea how I made the turn in time...

Sir thumpalot.... We have the same problem in the St Louis area tracks. 2 weeks ago we had a warm weekend and I flew over a blind double and 2 guys and their bikes were laying all over the track. The flagman was helping them get off the track instead of waving the flag. I understand the tendacy to want to help because they were hurt but they could have been hurt even more if people landed on them. The flagmen have a boring job but at times they have a lot of responsibility! At times like this you wish you could turn in mid air like the pros. Luckily I too just barely missed them!


Being military I've lived from one end of the country to another and I can say it's about same/same all over.

I'm still trying to figure out how standing at the face of a jump looking at oncoming traffic helps knowing if someone is down on the backside......................

"cr200f"... jtnc, i am a prototype test rider for honda and am currently heading the development of their 250f-killer. i will be racing it (debuting it) in the 2003 chevy trucks nationals. it utilizes the same uni cam technology as the 450f, but we reduce the bore and increase the stroke, and added fuel injection (spotless i might add, unlike cannondale) to further the efficiency of the engine at all rpm ranges. it comes stock with pro-taper bars, acerbis handguards, frame guards, black excel rims, a decent chain, stainless sprockets, and an automatic hot start. oh yeah, it's e-button starting and runs in production weight (in stock form,... R&D terms) at the new AMA imposed 216 lb. weight minimum for 250 fourstrokes in the 125 class.


SIKE! :D:):D:D:D

actually it's my 95 xr200r that i (with MUCH help from my dad and cousin with his machine shop) have modified for mx/"sx" use. the engine is stone stock, but the suspension is a mix of a 88 cr500 front end and the rear is a progressive suspension shock. i laced up a 18" rear wheel, some renthals (pro-taps got moved to the 400f), graffix, and pastrana style handuards. it's way out horsepowered (12hp stock to 30 hp stock of a 125)

but i can hang with 125's after the holeshot. there's no rush like blowing by a 125 on a bike that is about the equivalent of a lawn mower.

any more questions? :D

A friend of mine crashed hard on the 90 ft tabletop jump at Thundercross this weekend. The story he told was that the wind was blowing fiercely and it blew him sideways while he was in the air. He didn'r recover in time for landing and he landed on the down slope on his left side. Somehow, he walked away from it, but he told me that the flagger wasn't paying any attention at all. luckily, another flagger at another jump alerted his flagger in time to stop anyone from crashing down on him. I guess it's an inherent problem there.

I've never even ridden on an MX track before (I ride woods) but I was a flagger one day at the local track back in the 70's when I was a yound teenager. I got paid about ten bucks for the whole day. If the flaggers they are using now are the same as back then, it's no wonder that the flagger aren't paying attention. They would be unsupervised children holding your safety in their hands.

At least you guys have flaggers for practice, the local tracks here are too cheap to hire flaggers for practice!

At our nice VP track, practice days don't have flaggers, at all....the biggest concern is a 100ft or better double stepdown, a 4th gear launch on my 426, and you cannot even see the last half and landing ramp AT ALL....

Most riders are awesome and will immediately try to get on top of the jump and flag riders when someone fubars the landing, but it is *dangerous*. Imagine landing on a poor sap from 25 feet in the air and 4th gear...!!!!!

They NEED flaggers on at least that section of track...I know I will stop at the takeoff of a jump and wave riders down as well when I see someone further up the track wad it up...

But yeah, even when flaggers are present, most seem to have something else on the mind. Personally, I think flaggers should have an attitude like a clown in a rodeo, STOP the bull from trampling the rider, even if it means placing yourself in harms way. I personally have had to stand in the middle of the track, waving my arms and screaming at some morons to SLOW THE F#$%#$ down because a wreck has happened a bit further on. &%$#@!...do they think I was standing in the middle of the track for my health???!

well, funny this should come up, but beginning of last year, when i still rode an older two-smoke (87 kx250) i would roll this one huge jump on the local track. one practice i rolled it, and my bike just quit coming over the crest ( :D ) as it slid to a stop, i realized the engine had died.

like an idiot, i popped the kickstarter out right there and figured i could kick it and go. no prob. till i heard a 2 smoke cranking up behind me and felt a thud on the back of my helmet. :D

a guy jumped over me. the flagger went "OOOOOOOOOH!" and finally raced to the top of the jump he was supposed to be watching to wave his flag. he saw the whole thing happen.

i realize i shouldn't have been sitting there trying to start my bike, but he wasn't doing his seemingly simple job. i escaped without injury. his back tire just clipped the top of my helmet on the way over. (no tire tracks, though. :D what a suvenier that would have been! :) )

I can vouch for the wind at Thundercross over the weekend, it was really blowing. I was rolling every jump which wasn't directly into or out of the wind. I didn't see anyone attempt that big table top all day (wind from the side) so your friend must have been one of a few who tried it. Bad jump to wreck on, he's lucky he walked away.

I have seen kids as flaggers there before. I'm sure it's a tough job to fill; low pay and it's not very exciting I'm sure. But I'm not sure if it's better to have no flaggers, or flaggers who you depend on but who aren't paying attention. Oh well, time to get ready for work (arg, that 4-letter word!!)...

motojunkie- Yeah, we were down at Speedworld for the WORCS race and was alarmed that there weren't any flaggers during Fridays practice. The track is real fun with all the huge table tops and step downs but could get real ugly if someone crashed on the back side.

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