2014+ Scott's stabilizer mount - all 4 bar positions

Since Scott's only makes 2 bar mounts for the '14+ YZF's, positions 2 and 3, I took things into my own hands and machined my own mount.  This allows the use of ALL 4 bar positions with one mount.  Pictured here it's in the furthest forward position.


I expect that I'll have to mill away a bit of clearance mid-way up the damper arm to allow the position 2 and 3 slots to clear at full rotation.  I'll investigate that later this week.  Arms are cheap and easy to replace, so no harm in experimenting with that.

Pic attached


I've had a couple people request these.  Once I figure out what mods need to be done to the arm, I'll see if I can put together pricing for the clamp and the modded arm.  The machinist who graciously allowed me the use of the machine would run a batch of these if I got 5 or 10, also to make the pricing make sense.  If I can get some more people who want them over the next few weeks I'll be able to make a batch.  Expect ~$100-150 depending what needs to be done to the arm.  PM to discuss further.

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