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Exhaust Valve Adjustment

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Picked up my first 2-stroke (2001 RM125) few months ago and have put in about 10 hours on it so far, great running machine. However, since it's my first 2 stroke, I had little knowledge about its power band and "top end" power. Anyway, I had very little of it. The throttle would have to be at least 85% to achieve that "pull". The top and bottom end were replaced fairly recently by previous owner so there was little reason to believe a new top end is needed (however I do have the parts hand when the time comes). So i did some research on the "exhaust valves" or "power valves" that these bikes have:




Mine was set at 3 turns clockwise, while my service manual signifies one turn clockwise. So I adjusted it to the "one turn clockwise" as indicated, and noticed a big change. The bike now has a 'sharper' sound to it when reeving, and im achieving great top end around 50% throttle or higher. 


Now i'm wondering why the previous owner (or Suzuki dealer where all his service was done at) would set this to 3 turns clockwise against the manuals "one turn". Is there something im missing? I just dont want to damage anything with these new settings.


On a side note, I checked my spark plug and it was dark and oilly (little spooge once in a while too, running rich i suppose). But also thinking this could be a symptom of puttering around on the trails and not really ever being able to open her up (until now..)





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