04 starter upgrade questions.

I'm going to upgrade my 03 450 to 04 parts. Since I can make bushings I think all I need is the starter gear and 2 thrust washers. I know I don't need the ignition cover but I was wondering if I will need the small access cover. I was wondering if the only difference was the diameter of the hole the gear axle rides in.

Search some of the recent posts on this topic. You will need the cover. Another TTer is making bushings for the rest of us non-machinists. Look at www.wr450.com for Indy_450's write up of the conversion and parts list. I'm still waiting for my parts.

Good luck,


You will need the torque limiter, thrust washers (2), and the small cover as it is domed instead of flat like the '03 to allow room for the torque limiter.


If you're making a bushing, do you think you could make a bunch of them for the TT'ers who are waiting? My '04 upgrade parts will be here this week and I'd like to use my '03 cover instead of using the '04. $5 and a self-addressed return stamped envelope for the part. :D

YamahaRichey has done a great job :) trying to get this project underway but his machinist doesn't have the sense of urgency that some of us do. :D

like they all said, you'll need the small cover. some of us are finding that the torque limiter is back ordered. due in about three weeks. i did get the cover though. it also has a small bushing pressed in it. it might help you get your dimensions.

I'm sure it could be arranged.

Do you have any sisters?

Hey guys here's the Genuine Yamaha part number for the bushing in the side cover. ( update 03 cover to 04 specs )


Hope this saves you all a few dollars.

I just fitted a new starter clutch, clutch gear ( attached to the flywheel ) and idle gear at Yamahas expence ( and the starter clutch and clutch gear were badly worn where they mate, after 3000klm ) and i paid for the torque limiter, torque limiter cover, washers and bushing at around $250 AUD


I havnt been online for a while and was wondering why people are going the 04 starter mod,thanx.

it allows the gearing to release and not transfer the torque in the event of backfiring, hopefully stopping the starter/gearing/flywheel key damage thats been the talk of the town since the 450 came out.

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