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Winter project 250L

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A friend of mine wants me to mod his new 250L to what mine was, as well as a full Race Tech suspension system.  He called and asked if I still had mine and wanted to buy it from me, when I told him it was gone he wanted me to build the one he would buy as I did mine, engine wise, as well as new suspension.  I asked why he did not get a of the shelf KTM or WR, and he stated he wanted a Honda.  Since you can not make 250Xmodels road legal in Nebraska, and I told him the mods would be up to $2K more, I questioned if that is what he wanted, no problem he stated.   OK gives me something to do over winter, I'm in.


Son is picking up his in April or May, according to his budgeting, and he just wants the engine mods, so sounds like a fun time.  I got to get my X ready for next year, rebuild motor, some do dads here and there, get the go fast parts for grand daughters CRF125FB, and other grand daughters KLX110L.  Busy winter.  Plus get the damn forward peg supports for the Can-Am RS-S  still not avail, manufacturer stated no later than October, here it is middle of December and still no supports available.  The RS-S has a weird frame so the supports readily available do not fit, need a off brand special support.  If I had access to a good metal shop I would make my own, but.....................


Momma stated my 'racing' days are "OVER" and I am finally up and walking after the October 25 Endurance Race crash, permission to chase grandkids here at the farm track, and the occasional run to the new vintage track at Nebraska City, and maybe get that 73 XL250 to 'putter' with the group, but if I am anywhere but last...issues will occur.....

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