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Serious efi tuning problems

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I have a 2006 raptor 700r not sure if the engine is stock or not so idk what mods it has besides pipes and the last owner never put a power commander on. The throttle position sensor is in spec. I can't seem to get it to idle correctly at all either it will sputter or not even start or I crank up the idle and it revs high and the air fuel mix screw doesn't change anything at all. I've taken the throttle body apart and cleaned it. I've tried almost everything. I got it to run today idled great but back fired with a little throttle once it got past 1/4 throttle it stops backfiring and runs great. I think it's running rich but like I said the idle screws aren't seeming to work. Also the neutral switch went out in it. I was revving it today and it kicked in first gear somehow.

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