Maxxis model confusion...

Do I want to look for Maxxcross IT (M7035) or the M6001 Intermediate Terrain...? :)

You'd want the M7035. It's pretty similar to the Dunlop 739AT in terms of performance, but it's cheaper and lasts a bit longer from what I can tell. The one thing about this tire is it has stiff sidewalls and if you air it up to the pressures some people run (~18 to ~22 PSI), you may not like it as much. Experiment with your tire pressures because that makes a very significant difference in how this tire performs. I believe I'm running 14 PSI with this tire and it worked very well when I was last in Vegas riding from RedRock to Parump. The only place it didn't work well was in the mud, but for much of the hardpack type stuff with loose dirt & rocks on top it did very well. The only thing I don't like when riding in Vegas is that white powdery chalky dirt I run into every so often because it makes cleaning my bike very time consuming. How the heck do you quickly clean that stuff off your bike? Simple Green works pretty well, but I can never seem to get my bike sparkly clean without a lot of effort when compared to getting my bike dirty in SoCal.

I've not tried a 6001, but its my understanding the 6001 is a directional tire and doesn't last all that long before the knobs start rounding off and chunking and then performance begins to suffer.


I actually get very dirty when I ride because I ride w/ my buddy that used to race desert - He smokes me, but I try my best to keep up - But I'm always in his dust trail.....just more motivation to try and pass him. Anyway, I use S100 cleaner. I just spray it all over my bike, let it set for a couple minutes and then hose it off. It cleans it very well and I don't even need to do much work! good luck. Thanks for the model # :)

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