help! 450 cams in 426

i have a 04 yz 450 f parts bike. what can i use in my 01 yz 426. can i use the stage 2 hot cams in my 04 450 in the 01 426???? that will get rid of the decompression lever???

I believe so, you have both bikes so its easy to find out.


don't forget to re-shim the valves.

If you remove the mechanism and cable, don't forget to plug the hole. I think your 450 has a plug you can use.

Im pretty sure the cam sprockets and the vam chain are different from 426 to 450 ( maybe it was the 400's, not 100% sure)

They are, but the 450 exhaust cam does in fact work in a 426.  Chain rides a little higher on th3 450 cog, but no problems.  It is better and simpler to use the aftermarket cams built for the 426, but if he has one of the 450's already, he could use it.  Exhaust cam only.

If I use the exhaust cam that will get rid of my decompression lever?

The 450 has a r&d float bowl on the carb, should I use the whole carb with the r&d float bowl or just put the r&d float bowl on my carb?

I opened the other thread. That answered my cam question thank you grey racer.

The 450 engine is ruined and I'm trying to use whatever I can on the 426. Can I use the stator from the 450 in the 426? I also have a stealthy flywheel weight in the 450, but I don't thing that will work with the 426. I'm hoping the oversized radiators from the 450 will fit the 426..

 Can I use the stator from the 450 in the 426?



Nope.  Won't fit. The 450 is considerably different than the 426.  Very little interchanges. 

Ya there are a lot of things that are the same between the two of these bikes. Thank you for your help though.

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