Wicked up hill pic's

My buddy took this pic last year. It's steeper than it looks


This one was just as steep. I think it was a waterfall in the spring


:):D :D

That DOES look steep! Good dirt and looks like fun riding. :)

Hi Bamster

Where is this place ? Sure looks like a very mice place to ride. I live on the south shore of Montreal and I'm always looking for good riding nearby.


That spot is in western Quebec.

From where you are you come west up the 40 or 20 to 417 head towards Ottawa. Get off at exit to Hawksbury,go straight through over the bridge. Just keep going straight

you'll be heading up into the mountains.

We usally park at a spot that is is quite far in mabe

20 minutes when road turns to gravel. The spot is on the right and looks like this. water_wheelie_1.jpg

Awesome pics for sure!!!! The guy in that last pic looks like he is having TOO MUCH FUN!!!! :)

Thanks for the info. Great :D

Are there a lot of trails around ? Can we ride for a few hours ?

It will be around a 2 and a half hour ride to get there from my place.

It's on my agenda.

Thanks again :D:)

Yes there are lots of trails but I recomend going with someone who knows their way around.

I'll try to post when we'll be there. :)

syvain have you ever been to Chertsey Quebec?


No, I haven't been there. I rode in St Michel des Saint last year for the opening ride of the fmsq.


It was around Lac Toro. 130 km of mixed trails, mud mud ,mud sand bank, technical climbs, you name it it was there, it was superb. They are doing it again in may. 200 dirt bikes getting along 140 quads, and everyone was great.

We went to Chertsey last year. I can't remember the guys

name that invited us but he's on the right.


He was expecting about 15 riders and 30'sh showed up.

All in all we had a great time.it was some of the toughest

trail riding I've ever done.After the first 12 KM my

arms were like wet noodles.


This is a pic of most of the guys who were there.

Do you know any of them?

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