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13 kx 250f inconsistent idle

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30 second break during practice and bike got stuck around 2/3 throttle after starting right back up?? disconnected and reconnected everything electric i could get my hands on at the track and no help, have since took everything apart, replaced the throttle cables, cleaned the air intake , fresh clean air filter, replaced a chewed up rubber washer in the injector going into the throttle body and replaced a missing bolt that makes that injector seal up  (this bolt is a super pain), without it i was thinking air was getting in, after this the the idle wanted to hang once in gear? ,  replaced the tps and spark plug, it now seems like it wants to start right up and idles great but won't do either without the slightest bit of throttle input. Was really thinking the tps was the issue but tried the cheaper alternatives first but need help now.  I can't remember if in or out rises or lowers the fast idle knob? i may have pinched one of the fuel lines taking it apart and back on so many times? bad fuel? something worse?  help me out

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