Motor Oil Preferences????

I have used the Yamaha R 4 stroke oil in my old 1998 YZ400 and now in my 2002 YZ426 and have had good luck. The only problem is that it is rather expensive. Has anyone out there tried something different?


I've been using Spectro 20-50 synthetic blend in my '01 since new (about 9 months) and have zero complaints. It's about $6.50/liter in my area (south Florida). I would use the Yamalube R myself if I could find it in my area.

Please do a search on this topic......plenty of info in the archives... :)

For the past year ive been using Motul 3000 SAE20W50. ive had no problems. Its only $3.99Quart.

I have been useing Castrol Syntec Blend 20w50 on my "00"426. I have had NO problems with this oil despite what some experts at have said. They said syntec was a real bad choice for a 426 with the oil use for a transmission and clutch. They said it was too slippery for the clutch and break down.

Well Castrol Syntec Blend 20w50 has worked just fine and I still have stock clutch with no problems. Plus you can find it at any Auto parts store.

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I've been riding/racing 4 strokes hard for 9 years in the desert. Started with XR's and am now on a 99 YZ400F (3 years now). I buy inexpensive 20/50 by the case and change it often. Thats the key. I've never had any problems.......not even replacing clutches.

Many opinions on this subject, here is an expert of sorts that can shed some light on this exact topic. Choice your oil wisely!


As long as you got oil in it and change it as needed it will be fine with just about any oil,I run yamalube 4r semi senthetic 7.50$ a bottle after u buy the first 2 u only need to buy 1 because they take a quart and a half.

I wouldn't say "any oil" is good, but the NON-enegry conserving oil should be fine. The energy conserving oils have extra additives that can fry your clutch, that's what I've heard at least. I've been using Mobil 15/50 red cap for the past years now without a problem. Do a search on it like Ga426owner said you find plenty of reading material.

DPW,I didnt say any oil??????? :) Well I did say any oil ,you no what I mean? :D

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