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09 kx250f "ticking"

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So my son bought a 2009 kx250 with cam journal damage. We originally bought the back to do an af conversation with a 250 2 stroke motor we had. Anyway the bike was nicer than expected so we sent the head off to be repaired. We got it back and put it back together last night. It has a pretty loud ticking now. The valve lashing was set when the head was repaired but I haven't checked them to verify yet myself. My son seems convinced it's the timing chain. He pulled the cover off and rotated the engine with a ratchet. While rotation the chain gets quite a bit of slack at a certain postions as we cycle the engine. I have worked on a ton of 2 strokes and plenty of car engines but this is my first 4 stroke dirtbike build. Everything was property torqued when we installed it, including the chain tensioner. Is it possible the chain and/or tensioner needs to be replaced? Last question the top end seems a little "dry" compared to what I would expect from a car engine. There is oil up there but not as much as I expected. How "wet" is the top end usually?

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