2016 video

I know.. its pretty warm here... probably el nino....  :(

About hills... well.. in Holland we have one that is 300 meters, = about the same in yards.. in height..

we dig holes to get a bit of a different ground level here..

we have a gazillion "scooters" and yes... because its that flat, its easy to ride bicycles..


this is where we can do some offroading where its "allowed":


that's sad, do you guys at least have other spots where you ride even if its not quite legal?

there are some tracks, but not in the west of our pancake country..

we need to go south or east for some interesting rides..


hence my plans to move to Spain..
(among others)

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I also just found out that the "yellow WR isn't available in Holland..

and would be €500.- more expensive..

that is for.... :thumbsdn:



and the difference is...................................?? :rant:

I want that.

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