Todays Technology

This TT site is awesome, educational, entertaining and sad. The sad part is a large section of younger riders don’t applaud what they have regarding technology today. (Younger riders = 35 under) These riders have been wean on water-cooled, single shock bikes for their entire lives. Bikes today are light years above technology of say 1980.

Who can remember, 4” travel, 2 shocks vertical no less, Preston Petty fenders, leathers, ½ shell one color helmets, duct billed visors with duct tape, jofa mouthpieces, Scott face mask, outside jersey chest protectors. You here the theme song from OAS (On Any Sunday) and you get chills and then are riveted to the tube watching OAS. Why you ask? Because those were our DAYS. That how we rode, that’s what we wore, we can still taste the dirt in our mouth. We invented the flying W, why? Because that’s how our bikes handled. We rode those bikes as hard as we could, a double jump you ask? A double was something served from Wendys or if you were lucky enough to have an In & Out nearby. Our bikes came with lights & enduro tires. Throw away the lights, put on new knobbies, Preston petty fenders and we were race ready. Suspension work was Currnut shocks, forks to soft, add some more fork oil. My first race ready machine was a 1970 Suzuki 90, stripped, add a git kit and I was happening. That bike screamed, didn’t go any faster, but sure sounded LOUD, it would run about 4 hours then seize up. Our technology arose from after market companies experiencing with anything that might work. DG & FMF come to mind.

We could race 6 days a week back then (70’s). Races on weekend tracks such as Saddleback, Indian Dunes, Escape County, and De Anza. (Sorry I know I’m missing many more) During the week, they had night racing at Wednesday at OCIR, Ascot, Thursday at Irwindale, Friday at Corona. We’d leave High School at 3:00 and be at the track by 4:30. All this in So-Cal. With-in 20 miles from our homes.

Today’s bikes are so high Tech, it’s inconceivable. The manufactures are making 4-strokes as light as two strokes, with throttle response equal to two strokes. I’m seating on the edge of my seat waiting for the new arrivals to see what is developed next. Bring on the manufacture WARS.

Husquvarna developed their 510 water-cooled thumper in 85/87, then Huseberg followed in the early 90’s, KTM, Yamaha and now Honda.

These kids (35 under) are complaining about today’s machines (gearboxes, starting issues, steel handlebars, stock chains, YZ 426’s weight, Honda 450 reliablity, etc).

What I want to say to these KIDS that are complaining; the manufactures are still offering the old reliable (XR’s, KLX, DR, TT), if you want reliability for your $, purchase one of them.

Give me today’s technology anytime, and stop complaining.

I just can’t wait to see what developed in the future, whether it be a Blue, Green, Orange Red Machine or Yellow.

Sorry to rattle on, I’m gonna go RIDE my 250f.

Rick Marion, age 42

LAOTMX Expert 88

OTHG Novice 112

02 YZ 250F

00 YZ 250

99 YZ 400

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Originally posted by Scott F:

Rick, I am old to enough to have ridden vintage bikes when they were new, and smart enough not to ride them today. I want the latest greatest, and leave the antiques to the guys living in the past.

I ride OTMX B class. Let's get together and moto sometime. I'll show you what the 250F is really capable of. :) Are you racing the GP next Sunday?

Hey Scott

I don't get out enough w/ OTMX, I race OTHG mainly. The International looks VERY inviting, the Boss only lets me have my balls twice a month, so I don't know if I can make it. But I might take you up on that ride offer on day. I still waitning for heavier springs to AIR the baby out :D

Well, I may be a rarity in these days (I'm 21 years old) but I somewhat resent what you've said about the younger generation. I grew up riding old vintage bikes myself. Not because the technology wasn't there but because my parents couldn't afford to buy me a new bike and neither could I. I had to go out and fix up old vintage bikes and rage on them till I was old enough to have a job that paid enough so that I could actually buy myself something new. I've always respected my machines and now I'm blown away with the technology involved in them. My 426 is the best machine that I have ever ridden and every day that I ride I am more blown away with how far these bikes have become. So please don't think that all of us young punks don't care about our machines, because some of us do, and I for one know that I have a lot of knowledge that I can pick up from the older generation too, you guys rock :)

Rick, I am old to enough to have ridden vintage bikes when they were new, and smart enough not to ride them today. I want the latest greatest, and leave the antiques to the guys living in the past.

I ride OTMX B class. Let's get together and moto sometime. I'll show you what the 250F is really capable of. :) Are you racing the GP next Sunday?

I agree with you Scott. I grew up riding those 1970's Double shocked, no travel, bored out for more power, Bassani equipped Yamaha's YZ80's & Suzuki's RM's.... Imagine riding those old vintage bikes on todays tracks........OUCH! No thanks.....The forums would be littered with broken this & broken that! Todays bikes far outweigh anything those old technology dinasaurs could dish out. :)

When I started riding in 1982, I had a brand spankin new 1981 Suzuki RM 60!

The sticker price was I think $700, if I remember correctly. My brother had a new 81' RM 80. Then he graduated to a 125 which was an 82 RM 125 and I was on the 80 and eventually I got to ride and race the 82' 125. A friend gave me a pair of FOX shocks that were red, white & blue, those things looked trick!

Exceptions to every rule.

I'm 27, and the bikes I rode when I first started were a Trail 90, SL175, DT125, KE125......old stuff.

I hear ya...but *** do you expect with 2-3 generations that grew up on nothing else but video games, TV violence and technology out the @$$, and ability to tell their parents what they can do or not is a different world from what we grew up on in the 60s - 80s, toy wise, and bike wise, and parenting wise! And it is completely different than what is available today, the easy way out:mad: . Yes of course they do not know *** is up in regards to what they now have scares the crap out me with a new baby coming next month.....and as bikes have come along way so has everything else....

and please 16-30 yr old offense are the generation of hope....and I hope you all can handle it!:thumbsup:

ps go read a novel......:busted:

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