New to me 450

Common sense also says that most parts are made overseas no matter the brand name on then so I'll go ahead and stick to what's been tried many a time

Well i have now tore down the engine, Big end bearing shot, play in the crank bearings. some things i noticed during the tear down. Gasket maker on the block to stop the oil from leaking on the oil return when its a damaged oring... in the right side case there was a dowel and oring missing on the oil pump inlet... water pump shaft has some heavy wear. found a ball bearing and decent piece of aluminum in the oil pan. inspected all case pieces and bearings and can not figure out where that came from. disassembly was easy, did not need a case separator bust a flat screwdriver and use the pry points. did not have to remove any transmission components. Now just waiting for all my parts to arrive, Already received OEM crank, waiting on bearings, water punp shaft & OEM piston. My counter balancer has some minor play on the roller bearings on the timing side, can not find any tolerance specs.


So far this has been a great learning experience but has gotten expensive fast.

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Dang, I'm thinking earplugs would have been much cheaper!!   


You're in way over my head. Good luck!

Well my mountain of parts are here, Honing the cylinder tomorrow, all old bearings are out and picking up dry ice tomorrow to help them slide right in. hoping to have this beast running by the end of the long weekend!

Pressing in the crank bearings went well. the counter shaft roller bearing popped and went through the case. Now against my better judgement I'm tempted to leave it as there is still a retainer on one side. or replace the left side case half. there is no thrust applied to the bearing so it may be fine? Anyone have a quality left side crank case for sale?






You can't buy one side of the middle they are matched cases. Ask a really good welder.

Should be easy enough to weld back on.  really just needs a couple tack welds, then dont be so ham-fisted pressing that bearing in....

Guess i haven't updated in a while. was able to weld that piece back together. got the case halves installed. new piston rings and honed cylinder by skylark in Calgary. 2 intake valves were tight  now shimmed. got the bike out in the dirt and WOW, thing is a monster i love it. thinking i need to drop a tooth on the front to help in some gnarly hill climbs so the bike doesn't lurch in second when letting off at the top..


Forks need a rebuild bad so i ordered a complete pivot works kit, also put in a complete shock rebuild kit as it feels a bit funny and why not. what oil is everyone running in forks and shock?

i have gotten 1 fork apart and apparently i need a seal driver as 2" pcv pipe doesn't work as good as i thought it would lol.


Any one order from they seem to have really good pricing on the trail tech vapors.

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