rear calipers/brackets fitment for wr450f 2009

Unfortunately I had a crash at last sunday training and my rear caliper and bracket fell apart.

I found few yz450f 09-11 calipers/brackets on ebey for a nice price, but their part numbers are 17D-2580W-01-00 and it does not fit my wr450f 2009, accordingly to producer information. Caliper for wr450f 2009 should be  1C3-2580W-72-00.

Can smbd tell me the difference between wr450f 2009 and yz450f 2011calipers? Is it minor and calipers are interchangable, or not?

The same quuestion I have about waterpump and clutch covers (they are broken too), should I look for 07-11 wr450f covers only, or other years/models covers will fit?


I was told by my mechanic that Yamaha part numbers have different prefixes for different models. 17d vs 1c3. He said generally if the large sequence is the same, 2580w for example, the part is likely the same.

Clutch covers haven't changed a whole lot as far as I know.

I have the same suspicion about interchangeability of wr/yz parts, but am not sure. For the moment I have found out that yz450f got 25mm rear axle from 2009, and wr450f still has 22m. So the question is: does rear caliper/bracket from earlier yz models (for ex. 2006-2009) fit wr450f 07-11.

At the moment I have YZ450 08 rear caliper and bracket installed on my wr450f 09, they are fully interchengeable (YZ/WR model years with same size of rear axle).

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