02 Wr426f Cargo/saddlebag options

I was just wondering if anyone has had any luck with long hauls on a wr426f. I want to find some saddlebags or good cargo bags to be able to moto camp with my bike. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I use Giant Loop Mojavi saddlebag on my WR450.     





With careful packing I get everything I need into it, and really would not want anything

larger on the trails.      Some guys run the Giant Loop Coyote bag on their bikes but

it is a bit large for me.

I have used Wolfman bags. The only thing I do is add some more heat insulation on the exhaust side number plate

Yea Giant loop seems to be the way to go as far as price and rideability. The Mojavi doesn't very good for holding alot of gear though; tent, sleeping bag, stove, water, etc. The coyote was what I was thinking about going with due to the capacity and ability to hold all my gear. I do agree though looks to be a bit bulky on a smaller bike like the wr. Wolfman stuff is a little overpriced in my opinion for the size of product you get and the capacity but thats just me. Thanks for the input!

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