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Yamaha tt250r Starter motor starts randomly and cant be turned off with ignition

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Here's a Yamaha Christmas Riddle For you dirt bike experts out there, it's got me stumped.


I have the exact same issue with my Yamaha 2007 tt250r as this guy https://thumpertalk.com/topic/1048814-2001-ttr250-possible-cdi-issues/


The issue is (Ive had it happen twice now)


1. Started bike with starter switch, engine started buts starter motor kept running.

2.Turned off ignition and hit kill switch but STARTER MOTOR KEPT RUNNING untill battery was drained. 

3.Replaced Starter solinoid with new one and tested old one on bench with 12v power supply (old one seemd to work fine)  

4.went riding thinking it Must be fixed as the cuircuit clealry shows only a faulty starter solinoid could case this

5.After about 1 1/2 hrs of riding I was going to stop for lunch when I noticed the engine making a funny noise I pulled over and turned the ignition off BUT

the starter was turning over,  turning off the ignition switch and putting down the side stand would not stop it (both should disable the starter cuircit)

I jumped off and attempted to disconnected the battery, by the time I had the starter had drained it (I thought I may be spending a nightr in the bush).


Luckily after disconnecting the headlight and letting it sit for 15 min I touched the negative terminal to the solinoid contact and pushed the start button (proving the solinoid is not fused)

and manged to get it started leaving one cable off the starter solinoid so the starter could not possibly turn over.


When I got home the starter cuircuit appears to work perfectly fine as it should, I examing the starter switch and measured it with a multimeter, it works fine and looks in good condition,

examined my loom and connectors carefully, all looks fine with no sign of any damage or corrosion anywhere and starter the solinoid fuction is fine.


Has anyone ever seen this problem before?


We have conlcuded the switching cuircuit that activates the starter solinoid must be shorting in the loom AFTER the circuit that checks for starter circuit conditions (clutch - ignition - nuetral or bike stand switch)


Anyone ever see this seemingly impossible problem?

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