Rekluse Users... How do you fine tune?

Are you sure you have the correct number of Oem steels and friction plates in. I installed my rekluse today and didn't have to take out any where near that amount cable to get it adjusted properly.

I'd recheck the number if plates and make sure you don't have one too many.

I removed the CORE EXP but i checked  the number of plates and frictions discs, everything was correct. 

You may just have the idle RPM set a little too high. Mine will slightly tug at idle, but only when the oil is cold, not hot. Drop the RPM just a bit and see if that helps, then I agree after that adjust the gain to reduce the tug with the clutch in and revving the engine. But... with the engine oil hot. Also, does the clutch cable adjustment look better now with some slack at the clutch lever? Sounds like you're getting there.

I just pulled the CORE EXP and went back to the EXP. I could just not get the pressure plate setting correct, and having to pull the cover everytime to adjust gets old really quick. Once i just put the EXP back in everything worked just fine. 

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