Bar risers?

I have a 2014 yz450f I'm 6' 1" stock bars.. I rode my buddies 2015 kx450f and that bikes cockpit is totally different than the yzf bars are placed much taller were as the yzf are low. Which made me think maybe i should try bar risers because i liked how having the bars higher fit me well and made it easier to lean the bike and throw it around gave me confidence in the corners. I've never had bar risers. Anyone try them on the 14'+ Yamaha? Which risers do you guys recommend?

Thanks mxers'!


Man I have a 16, and I'm 6'3 and I put a windham rise bar on it and even moved them all the way forward on the triple clamp. Everything hooked to my bars are maxed out and can't find any after market cables. It suck. So if you know of some please let me know. Thanks

I have asked around and it seems you can do one or the other, bars or bar risers, not both.

I have used the Tusk risers on several different bikes and they do make a differenceOn my 06 I used the risers and got the KTM/Suzuki bend bars. It does put some tension on your cables, you may need to move the throttle in a little toward center, but that's something you would need to play with. IMO it's worth the $30.

I would recommend replacing the notoriously low stock YZ bars with a set of "Windham bend" (RM Mid-High) bars from pro taper.  They are both higher and farther forward than the stockers, and make a huge difference in the feel of the bike.

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