Engine Breather pipe

I got my yamaha leagalizer kit today, and in it was a shorter breather pipe with elbow to fit carb rubber,

Why are you lot over the pond not getting these ???

This kit is only for europe AFAIK. Also if you order the breather and elbow as part numbers it is expensive.

Does that breather pipe go from the top of the valve cover to the top for the airbox boot? :)

Yes it that is correct.

Yes. The bad thing is that when you wheelie a oil is getting in the boot/filter/carb. I thing better solution is to put in the airbox button under the boot...

Is that why two strokes struggle to do things like wheele ?

The tiny amount of oil present will do no harm at all.

But the idea is to use the mounting point Yamaha cast in the boot rubber. :)

Maybe not too bad for the carb, but the button of the oil filter is suck in engine oil and this oil is not designed to absorb/catch derbis, so maybe it will wash out the filter oil and some derbise may enter the engine. This is very teoretical as my engine is 20 000km(13 000 ml) and piston and rings are allmost like new (1/5 of the servise life) using motul 300v competition oil. So I guess in is not problem to use this kit... however the trany did not servived that much and I broke gear at about 15000km/10000ml

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