Battery rapidly draining wr450f

hi guys im having a bit of electrical trouble with my 2005 wr450f at first the battery wasnt charging so i did various tests to determine what was at fault and discovered it was the regulator, the previous owner installed a trail tech system (stator and regulator) so i ordered a new trail tech regulator and installed it the bike wasnt charging again i then noticed that the batterys voltage was dropping considerably as soon as the ignition was turned on (it goes down .1 per second) so i disconnected all the lights and its still dropping battery voltage. what could it be?   

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I'm thinking you got a wire between the stator and regulator that is grounding out. Have you checked ohm resistance on the stator. Look for pinched wires grounding out

Cut all the zip ties on the harness and make sure the vibration didn't fray a wire under the zip tye to the frame

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