White bros Quiet Pipe

Why doesn't it exist?? Sorry to keep preaching about quiet pipes, but I just recently got a complaint about the noise of my bike while riding on some vacant land in Loveland, CO. I think it's only a matter of time before we can't ride there anymore either....Why? Because our bikes are too f'ing loud!!! If they were quiet and the people in the nearby (newly built) subdivision couldn't hear us, we could ride there all the time until...they build another subdivision (on top of our nicely built table tops).

I agree. These bikes should be quieter. I would love to have a quiet four stroke that I can ride for 2+ hours straight and not be in a total zone afterwards.

Hey Pipe Manufacturers, are you listening?

You're right 426, we need quieter pipes. Every day we are loosing our right to ride on public lands. These bikes are a blast to ride, but you can hear them for miles. Either the pipe makers start making quieter pipes or there will not be any place for us to ride our loud bikes.

I have an idea. When I was younger I noticed that a friends Richter (sp?) brand silencer was a LOT quieter than my FMF. I would say half the volume level. Both bikes were basically identical (same model, one a year older). When it was time to repack I noticed that the core on mine had tiny little holes and his core had some very large holes. I'm wondering if we take a stock YZF silencer core and bore the holes out larger and then repack it if this will significantly affect the sound level? Does anyone have a silencer to try this on? If anyone has a silencer (or silencer core) to donate then I'll volunteer to test the idea out. :)

I have a silencer that I dented real quick after I got my bike that I could try that on. Do you just drill out all the rivets on the end capthen rivet it back on? I didn't think 4stroke exhausts ever needed repacking, that's why the rivets. I'm willing to tear the sh out of it, since it's basicallyt trashed anyways, and try your idea out. I'll let you know what happens!!

I haven't done it myself yet, but it is my understanding that you can drill the rivets out and then the end cap and core will slide right out.

Let us know what happens!!

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