Cooling System?

Had an issue with coolant spilling out of my muffler and exhaust pipe. I thought I'd have a blown head gasket, but it turns out that some bolts, on the cylinder head were loose.

I ended up rebuilding the top end, new piston, rings, valve springs cylinder gasket upper and lower.

What I noticed after I assembled the bike were a lot of black particles in the collant when I flush the radiator. The particles appeared to be solidified grease. After four flushes there was still a significant amount of particles in the coolant. I did run the bike in between flushes.

Is it possible for the cooling system to get stopped up? Coolant not flowing, excess pressure in the system.

What are signs of a bad water pump?

Almost looks like it's leaking from the base gasket. Gaskets are new. Should I use some of that copper gasket stuff?

The bike ran well otherwise, start in 1-2 kicks, better compression than before.

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Radiator cells are the ones to clean as are the smallest passages of cooling system.

No nead of the copper gasket , check of any marks on the water pump cover and engine covers.

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