Piston change interval

Hello everybody, trying to garner piston change information for my new '16 yz450. I'm up to 22 hours now and the bike is running great. Strong motor on this bike. I want to keep the bike in good condition and well maintained, but don't want to do unnecessary maintenance either. I've been researching and get mixed opinions about piston change intervals. Im a solid B rider. Strictly motocross. 90% practice, 10% race. Im guessing I could go 50 hours or more. Some reports swear nothing is wrong with them at 100 hours. What do you guys think?

I race Pro-Am desert and went 110 hours on my piston.  Everything looked great in the engine when changing out the piston.  I can tell you that I was loosing compression.  After the replacement the bike feels tight again and has that snap off the bottom.  I would not go as long next time, maybe 75 hours.  I've used nothing but Castrol Racing 4t since new and I'm anal about changing the oil and air filters.  

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