Pro-Action Suspension

Looking for riders who have Pro-Action suspension on there 426. I want to know if its as good as they say it is before i go have it put on my bike.

My baby has it, but i have just 2 months with her, and have 3 weeks injured, i really do not know much about these suspension if you know something let me know. :)

I've got it on my 99 YZ400F. I asked the tuner that I wanted to be able and ride rocks one day and MX the next by adjusting the clicks. He said no problem.

It works well in the rocks but is too soft and bottoms easily on the track. Pro Action probably will not get my next re-valve.

Out of all the suspension shops around, I hear more complaints about Pro-Action. There are other much less controversial choices to send your stuff to. MX Tech makes a lot of people very happy, as does Factory connection. Persoanlly, I use Race Tech products but that means needing the ability and equipment to do it yourself.


My forks are worse than stock...for $300.00+!!!!!!!!!!!.

I expected SOMETHING w/ their "Triple Valve"!

Thanks for the information. Racetech is my choice.

What's a "triple valve"?!

for off raod bikes, PA has their "Triple Stage Valving" that offers "supple action on rocks/roots, and still allows for high speed, bottomless action".

While riding at our ThumperTalk convention, Moab 2000 event, my forks harshness reared it's ugly head. I lost a day of riding due to the sheathing in my arms getting inflamed. Moab has lots of ripples in the slickrock that beat my arms to death.

I raced MX for many years and have never experienced this before, EVER!

Regardless of what I have tried, clickers, oil height, oil weight, even springs, my forks are either fine off the top, but blow through the stroke, or are stiff off the top, but offer bottoming resistance.

I know it's a matter of R & D, but I am ready to zip off to Factory Connection 25 minutes down the road, and give them both ends.

F.C. did my CR250 forks back in 1992 and the difference was SUPERB! :)

I used FC on my older CR, and wasnt' impressed. On my 01 426 I used GP-Racing to build my suspension. I love the ride this bike has. It is very controllable with the clickers. They 100% guarantee satisfaction. I will definately use them again, as a matter a fact I am looking at getting set up with them to build suspension using their components in my shop.

Had a friend of mine use PA and they left a few things loose, must have been a day after a holiday or a day before race day. Dont think the tech's mind was on that set of forks.

I used FC on my 97 CR and was very happy.

I went with Race-Tech on the 426 and couldn't be happier. I'll be back


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