Do i need to change jets?

I just got my '04 WR450F last week, I ordered a GYT-R muffler & header pipe, and yz throttle stop. I will also be removing baffle out of air box. My question is do you think I will need to change the jets?


Buy the JD jetting kit from this forum's TT store and get a 72 starter jet and a 48 pilot jet for colder weather. :)

I ould do it.

Thumper Talk sells JD jetting kits, I hear they are the hot setup.

Thanks Indy, I will try that.

Are you riding at sea-level? Im using a 168 main, w/ a YZ needle. Good results thanks to JD.

Yes, I am in Port Jeff. Do you think the 168mj will work as well for a 450?

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