wr450f 2003 stator damage

today when i was driving my wrf some noise occured and i shut down the engine.some of the clutch gear bolts on the flywheel fell off and the stator is like a crap.i decide to remove all the idle gear, starter clutch,ellectric starter, battery, because my bike starts on first kick every time but now i need to replace the stator.can you tell me if there is any option to use a stator from another model of wr450 or yzf450 because i can not find any cheap stator from 2003 model.do you know if the newer models have the same stator as mine?also the bolt made some dents on flywheel. do you think that a new flywheel is needed?it has three dents about 2mm deep.thanks in advance guys.

I'mim Australia and seriously considering the Trail Tech stator/reg kit for my wr450f 06... At this point I've no intentions of adding extra lights although when I do, it would be nice to know I can just add what ever to a degree....

From experience, always add a dab of very mild locktite to internal bolts just to stop them from vibrating loose ( others might disagree but for me it's peace of mind)

As for you flywheel I'm not sure as it may have upset you timing depending on where the gouges are.... Id try the old flywheel...

Oh yer, in Australia at the moment a genuine stator will set you back about $280AU, there not cheap I know which is why I'm going with the upgrade from trail tech.

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