for sale in the states?

I can confirm that the 2016 WR's are now available in Texas!


I can also confirm that there is one in my garage...


What are your thoughts so far?!

Some of the local riding here in Norcal:









How much does it COST to ride there? Do you have to PAY a GUIDE?

What are your thoughts so far?!

Man I love this bike! I just had a chance to take it out for a SHORT couple of hours yesterday. Sandy MX type track, with some light trails.


Thoughts so far  - 


Still can't get over how much lighter it feels than my '09 WR. It may not weigh any less, but it FEELS like it does. It feels a good 20lbs lighter.

Way easier to get up on the tank, and easier to transition back and forth. It's much narrower, and feels roomier. 

The stock setting on the bars is way too low. I'm 6' 225, and the bars are way to low. I'm going to adjust them up and forward.

It's a tall bike. I have to tip-toe while sitting on the seat. The stock suspension feels pretty good. The seat is hard as a rock.


I have the comp ECU and an FMF slip-on on order. Also ordered a TwinAir air filter. I'll add more after I put on the upgrades.

Get a tuner for it.

Get a tuner for it.

I've got one.  :thumbsup:

How much does it COST to ride there? Do you have to PAY a GUIDE?


Taxes make it kinda expensive, but us guides trade trail knowledge.

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