Way Off Topic, But I need help with my son's PW80

Sorry this is not related to the big thumpers, but I figure a bunch of Yamaha guys could possibly point me in the right direction.

Here goes,...I purchased an '04 PW80 this past Saturday for my son's upcoming birthday. It's still a few weeks away (mid april) but I wanted to go ahead and get the bike while I could get a good deal on it. ($1099) Well I know that I've read more than one article saying that the PW80 has an adjustable throttle limiter AND a removable restrictor in the exhaust to cut power output for beginners. I specifically asked the salesman over the phone about this and he said it had both safety features as well. Well guess what??? No adjustable throttle limiter on my son's PW80.

I looked at the online parts fiche at the PW80s all the way back to 1998 and there is no difference in part numbers for anything related to the grip assembly etc. So I'm a little confused as to what I need to do. I figured I could order the part for an older PW80 and have an adjustable limiter, but after looking I am thinking that ain't the case. I've done multiple searches for "Adjustable Throttle Limiter for PW80" and several variations of that and came up empty everytime. Can any of you guys help me on this. Did Yamaha put an adjustable throttle limiter on the PW80 once upon a time??? If so how do I go about getting one??? Any aftermarket companies???? Any suggestions will help, I've got a few weeks and I really want to have his bike ready. I'm so stoked for him, and I know how bad he's been wanting a dirt bike, but I also want a SAFE birthday for him. :)

If you're concerned about the PW80's outrageous power output :), you could surely adapt a home made throttle restrictor. Take a good look at the mechanism on the carb...Can you get a pic of it? Backing off the throttle cable's adjustment would have a negative effect on its control.


Don't razz me too bad about wantin' to keep the lil' guy safe. I know the 80 is no hard hitter, but no harm in playing it safe. Even with all the slack in the cable it's not enough of a reduction. The cable itself goes right down into the top of the carb. When I first realized there was no limiter that was the first thought that come to mind. I thought well I just fabricate some sort of stop and mount it to the side of the carb. Wrong answer I guess. I know something will turn up though. Thanks for your reply.

Yeah I know, and that's why I took the salesman's word on it over the phone. I was just more or less wanting him to verify this. Instead of looking at the bike he probably just pulled up the specs on his PC or something. Surely I can find something and retrofit it.

:fingers crossed:

My son has a 02- PW80

I thought the throttle limiter was located in the carb. I may be wrong, but I think it's more like a sleeve type spacer that goes above the slide so that it can't open all the way.

I know the PW50 had a throttle limiter, we had an older PW80 and there was no limiter on the throttle. You could put a piece of copper tubing inside the carb so that it can't slide all the way open. I don't recall the 80's having a limiter. The kid will love it. :):D

Hmmmm,....I may have to do that. I hate to tear the carb apart on a new bike, but if that is my only option then I gotta do it. I sure wish I could find an adjustable set-up though. :)

Did you look in the MANUAL?? You bought it new, it must've come with one....if you didn't get it....GET ONE!


That is the first place I looked. :) I am still perplexed as to why I have read several times that the PW80 is equiped with an adjustable throttle limiter, but it appears that has never been the case. Very interesting indeed................... :D

I have a PW-50 for my son, it does have an adjustable screw at the grip. If the bar size and cable end are the same size you may can retro the throttle from a PW-50 on it.


I thought about that, do you know the diameter of the bars on the PW50???

I'll look at it tonight, but I think they are the same size.


Thanks Mike, I appreciate it. :)

You could also drill and tap the throttle on the PW80 and make it similar to the PW50. Insert a bolt with a nut on it so you can lock it against the throttle.

All the PW50's throttle limiter is doing is stopping it from rotating.

If you need a picture of a PW50's setup, I'll take one tonight and e-mail it to you. The XR50 and XR70's do the same thing.

Wow,...thanks man!!! Pics would help as I have been thinking about asking you guys about attempting to mimmick a factory throttle limiter. If the housing is thick enough I think it's possible.

I'm gonna tear into the bike tonight and see what the throttle housing thickness is.


Thanks a million for the pics. YOU DA MAN!!!!!!!! :)

I now the throttle limiters SOUND like a good idea, but they hurt the kids as much as they help them.It is very tough to start out with only 1/4 throttle when the engines are so small.

The bikes will build a lot of speed with even 1/2 throttle due to having gears.

The best way I have found to have the kid ride in front of you on a full size bike. Let him/her controll the throttle. It usually takes only one time for them to learn that the throttle is not an on and off switch. Obviously, your hand is in position to shut off or grab the brakes.

and yet another good point!!!! I love this place!!! :)

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