Yz125 vs 250f

Is there anybody running these bikes in the woods over a 250f. I seriously considering either the yz125 with the 144 kit or the ktm 150 in place of my 2013 crf250r for a woods bike. I know on the top end these the 125 and the 250f are comparable but the torque is lacking on the 2 strokes. Why do you prefer the 125 over the 250f or why do you not. Thanks

Fun is the biggest reason to pull the trigger on a 125. They're also pretty much the ultimate on downhills and pulling back up to the trail if you drop 'em over a bank.

I love my 125 and 450, however I'm more consistent and faster on the 250f

I ride and race two yz 125s (03 and 06) in the woods.  Both have stock motors and woods revalved suspension.  My 250 smoker just sits now.  My race results have been excellent, and I have absolutely no trouble keeping up with big smokers and 4 strokes in the woods.  There is no need to go with a 144 kit.  The 144s I have ridden do not rev like a normal 125.  Sure they have more low end, but who uses low-end power on a 125?  You have to ride angry and let her rip!  Seriously though, even if my race results were worse, I would stick with the 125s.  My 250 smoker has been ridden 3 times since the summer of 2014.  It's just not as fun, and doesn't sound as good as a 125.


The only limitation of the 125 is on really big hills.  This is not an issue in hare scramble racing as the courses tend to be designed as to not create bottlenecks due to things like really difficult hills.  But when play riding in the mountains of north GA/Tenn., I have more difficulty than I would with a 250.  No big deal though.  Everything else is way more fun!

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Well I have the Eric Gorr 144... In my 4th year racing/trail riding with it...just a fun bike and inexpensive to maintain..see no reason to get rid of it...I ride only woods with it.Sure would be nice to have some bottom end in extreme sections,but no bike is perfect!

Earlier this year I raced the Caney Creek Enduro in Texas. There were hundreds of bikes....different riders with all of the cool "woods bikes" and such. A guy on a YZ 125 started a few rows behind me. He would pass me on every test section. At the end of the day he was the fastest of EVERYONE. He was well over 6 feet tall and probably near 200 lbs.

Not many people will tell you that a YZ125 is a woods bike and even less folks will tell you that a guy that size should ride one. But....I am telling you that this guy smoked everyone.

When I had my YZ125, I thought about converting it to a woods bike to give it a shot (I'm more of an MX guy). The idea never got to happen as I unfortunately had to sell the 125 to make space, but I still felt like I would've rather ran the 125 in the woods than my 250F. I like how easy they are to start if you stall, and easy to maintain. I can see hills and overall lack of torque being a bit of a disadvantage but a good 125 rider can still do very well on one. I still want to buy another one.

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