Feeler Gauge Set for Valves

Hi guys - bought my 06 YZ450F in September with ~158hr on it, shimmed the valves at 163hr due to hard starting cold, and here we are at 181hr with not a single problem.  I'd like to reshim the valves again sometime in the next 10hr just to see how they've moved since it runs beautifully. The feeler guages that I used beforehand were too large so I ended up cutting them to fit, and then threw them away because they were garbage.


Can anyone link to a decent set of feeler gauges that fit easily without cutting them?  Thanks :)

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I've never had to trim a feeler for a YZ450.  YZ250F, yes, but even then, certainly not in half, just a bit off the edge for the center intake.  Any half decent set from a good auto parts store should work.

I had the normal fat ones that were ~.5" wide last time.  Tapered this time around.

Normal 4" blade gauges are what I've always used.

Harbor freight has a set for 4 bucks. Works good

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