Oil Analysis and Time Intervals

Hi Folks,


I have a 2004 WR450 that I've had for a few years and has reliable as a stone. Today I drained my oil from my last ride of last year (yeah it sat for a few months, bad me), and I found LOTS of soft metal in there. The oil looked almost like metallic paint, it was so bad. So I think I have a main bearing or something like that that is starting to go. Not a huge deal to rebuild, and now that it's winter, it's a good time, but before I tear into it, I'd like to get a professional opinion. My question is, I'm planning on sending an oil sample to one of the oil analysis services out there and was curious to know if anyone had a recommendation for one? Also, now that I've drained my oil and put in a new filter, I probably need to run it for awhile to get a good enough sample to send out. I didn't save the old oil in a clean container, just drained it like usual. How long should I run it? The last oil in there was in for a week of fairly hard riding and revving the piss out of it in the mountains. I can come close to replicating that on the street, just don't know how long oil needs to be in there to get a reasonable sample for analysis.


The other fairly odd thing is, I didn't see any particulate matter in the filter. I was also not terribly careful, and had it contaminated fairly quickly, and gave up trying to read it. Not really a question there, just a random comment. 


Thanks for your help

Pearlesent / reflective debris in the oil visible as you drain it is pretty common on a shared oil motor.


Run it for as long as you can; 10 hours sound right to me.

I found a local oil analysis shop, Titan Labs, I'll just go with them. I'll post their results; I'm kind of fascinated to see what it shows. Once I get the report though, I don't know exactly what I can do with that info, since I don't have a baseline. Stay tuned. Thankye.

Dilemma! I spoke to Titan Labs; they're very helpful and they told me I need 50 hours on that oil before getting it tested. Hell I might only ride 100 hrs a year in a good year. Now I'm thinking about ditching the whole oil analysis thing completely. I mean, if I'm right, and lets say the piston pin bearing is failing, I would expect to see some bronze and possibly copper in the report. If I run it 20 hours, and that shows 1 per cent (or ppm or however they measure) copper and bronze, what does that tell me? If I run it another 20 hours, and send it again and get the same results, that doesn't tell me anything because I don't have a baseline. All it would say is I have so much of such and such metal in the oil, and I already know that. Thoughts?

Just send them an sample.


They probably don't understand how much punishment the oil goes through in a modern dirtbike.

I've used black stone before.

Really liked them. I sent in 3 samples at once and who ever did it went over everything for each vehicle and referenced my other vehicles.

I was impressed

I had a similar thing happen to an old 426, metal in the oil when changing. Turns out a few months later it done 5th gear....

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