New to me 04 YZ450f

Whoops double post

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Have you tried a fresh plug?  If it's been through all of this, and it wasn't new to start with, it could be wet fouled. 

Since the bike is new to you, let me point out also that even though it has auto decompression, there is still a best procedure to follow.  To begin with, you need to learn NOT to twist the throttle as you start the bike.  When they are cold, they do like 1-3 twists of the throttle before you kick, but not while you're kicking.


Whether hot or cold, bring the kick starter down until you hit the compression stroke (the "hard spot") and stop.  Reset the kick starter back to the top and kick it smoothly all the way through the starter stroke.  Just kicking from random places doesn't work as well, and even worse is trying to out think the system by pushing just past TDC and compression.


'03/'04 models sometimes like a VERY SMALL amount of throttle when starting cold, but I mean very small, just off of idle, and be sure you're wearing good solid shoes.

I was just thinking it could be the plug. I give it one or two pumps usually. I dont mess with the throttle when im kicking but i do just usually kick from any random place. Ill try the new plug and those tips you gave me.

Well tried a plug and still dont have anything at all. Ill see if i have spark and go from there.

And it seemed to kick over a lot tougher than it should even when i didnt have the spark plug in it

How hard does your bikes turnover when theres no spark plug in them

Not much resistance, and there should be no "catch points" or "tight spots". 

Well i i tore it apart and put it back together and i think one of the plastic cam chain slides wasnt in there right. It starts and runs great now. Thanks for the help.

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