I'm stupid...which one is throttle stop?

I am not a mechanic, and want to know which is the throttle stop to be cut down for the free mod. Mine has SUPPOSEDELY already been cut. Is that correct? Is the stop #1...or #2...or neither? Also, can you tell if it has been cut already? This is on a 99 WR 400. I had to put it on a subpage of a website I am starting, so sorry about the location...please visit the following link. (I couldn't figure out how to put a picture on TT). Thanks a ton for your help!!! I am getting smarter by the day thanks to TT :)


I believe it's his one. 1.jpg

Hmmm..I don't know what part that is...I guess #1? How did you get that pic in your post? Did you just copy and paste? Can anyone tell if mine has been cut?

the screw pictured is from the accelerator pump. the bk mod lets you adjust the squirt of fuel. the throttle stop your looking for restricts the "wheel" that your throttle cable turns. look at the side of your carb. you can see where the two cables are. under that cover is the "wheel". look for the "k" from keihin on the cover. to the left you can see a screw threaded up into the carb. that's it. you'll get almost 30% more throttle. don't run without it. you can damage the carb.

also, with the cover off, twist the throttle open and let it go so that the throttle snaps closed. Here that sounds coming from the throttle cables near the carb? That's the end of the throttle cable mechanism hitting the throttle stop screw.

Follow your ears! :)

Thanks guys for the correction. Guess that's what I get for not reveiwing my post before submitting it. :lol

yimmyhauler has posted the link to the correct parts.

I am glad I had the shop cut the throttle stop for me then (while they were in fixing my jetting and timing), cuz I would have cut the wrong thing!!! That would have made for a funny TT story huh? "look guys...i cut some random screw and still only have 3/4 throttle" LOL. WHEW...I'm good to go now though. Thanks for all your help!

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