2009 YZ450F as an all around CO/UT bike?

Anyone loving their '09 era Yz450F as an all around bike in CO?


Ok, I've done a lot of searching on the 2009 YZ450F but couldn't find too many reports coming from guys out of Colorado or others that ride at altitude.


I've had a a couple 2 strokes over the last 10 years and a few big 4 stroke Enduro/Dual Sports (DRZ400, 525 MXC & XR600).  The best bike I've had so far was a 2008 KTM 300-XC (close ration gear box and much closer to a MX bike than a trail bike) that was built to the hilt for Mountain riding with Slavens everything (Mule kit, Suspension, you name it), but I traded that bike off for a Sled because I always found myself riding my XR-600 way more often (a bike I'm planning on keeping for continued dual sport use). 


The KTM shined in real gnarly single track but it was still kind of tiring to ride, the motor was so different than the Rm250 and KX250 I've had before those bikes loved to rev but the KTM didn't it was all bottom arm jerking power.  The 525MXC felt so docile in comparison to the 300 as well and I regret selling that bike, but I was moving from CA to CO and didn't want to ship it. I've clicked off multiple 100+ mile days on my XR600 of combined road/Jeep Trail & Single Track and could never do that on any of my old 250s or the 300 (maybe a W in a different state of tune, I don't know).  I've decided I just like the smoothness and linear power of a 4 stroke more, but the XR600 is just a tad too heavy for the difficult single track.  I was thinking a 250F would be right up my alley for the lightness, but I've found a few sweet deals on YZ450Fs ($2500 compared to $3500+ for WRs) and thought I could tame it down with a FWW and a Rekluse.  Weight isn't a HUGE deal but the XR600 is a pig at around 300# full of fuel.  


My goal is to have a bike that will be fun to ride at places like Snyder Creek, Rampart Range, and take to Moab and do Amasa Back, Dead Cow etc (kinda afraid to take my Heavy XR600 on those trails in Moab although I did do Slickrock no problem) with the occasional trip to the track


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I've never ridden in CO but I have rode pretty much every type of terrain there is on all of my YZ's over the years and they are great do-it-all bikes.  TIght muddy woods, open desert, rocky scab lands, mountain single track, sand dunes, you name it. Jet it for your altitude, set the suspension up for your type of riding, throw a big tank on it and go tear it up! 

My 09 450F does everything for me here in So Colo. Pretty much stock and the 2 gallon tank lasts me more than 3 hrs/60 miles of riding mountain trails and fire roads.

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