09 YZ450F rear rim questions.

I just rode this past weekend and broke my rear hub.  The rear spocket bolts got loose and the hub ended up breaking because the bolts ended up falling out except one.  Anywaysss, I have looked at some conversion charts because I am trying to see what rear wheel will work for my 09.  The conversion charts were a little confusing to me.  I am planning on buy a used one off ebay or craigslist so I want to know if any older wheels will work.


My initial plan was to use an 18' wheel from my dads 2011 wr250 but when I tried to fit it I quickly found out that the rear axle is a different size.  Is there anyway around this?  Like if I bought a smaller axle?  Or is that not recommended.  


Please let me know.  Thanks!




I think you need a 09 or newer yzf wheel. Your swing arm and brake carrier are also too big for the small axle. For some reason the new wr and fx Yamahas use the old small axle set up.

The rears that will fit are any of those from an '09 or later YZ450F only.  At this point, there is no conversion bearing that I'm aware of to use the larger axle in the older hub.  If you want an 18" rim, you'll have to buy one and a spoke set and lace it up.


The WR and FX models are not expected to fall out of the sky from 60 feet up repeatedly each time they are ridden, so it was probably not considered necessary to convert them to the 25mm axle.

Thanks for the quick replys. So 09 or newer rear rim....or I could just buy a new hub. Can I reuse the old spokes?

 Can I reuse the old spokes?


Not if you are building an 18" rim, no.  They'd be too long.


Reusing spokes when replacing a rim is less advisable the older the spokes are, and/or the worse the damage, if any, to the original rim was.  New ones aren't that expensive. 

New hub and spokes seem the cheapest option. I think I'll just go with that. Thanks again for the help.

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