Wr450 remove battery

I would like to remove the battery and the starter components of my wr450 2003 cause i dont use tje electric starter and the bike starts on first kick.somewhere i saw that i have to ground the negative lead whoch connects to the negative on the battery to the regulator. As i observe the negative lead is also grounded to the starter bolt.can someone explain me what exactly cable i should ground to the regulator?also if i will remove the starter i must leave the grounded cable on the starter connected to the engine?thanks in advance.

can someone help?

Some bikes you need to replace the battery with a capacitor.  I'm not sure on the 03, maybe someone else knows.

ncmountain writes that i should ground the negative lead to the rectifier bolt.i can not understand what he means when he says negative lead.the two small black wires where are  connected  to the negative lead of the battery with the main grounded cable which goes to the starter?

I used a capacitor when I built my 09 into a sumo

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