2000 426 HOW MUCH?

I was wondering if any knows how much a 2000 426 is worth average. I have a freind that will let me take over payments on it. I might keep it as a backup bike or put all new plastic on it resell it.


Try www.kbb.com. They usually are a pretty fair listing for retail amounts on bikes, they are a little high most of the time compared to what the bikes are actually selling for.

Also look at ebaymotors.com search for the year of yz ya want. In fact look at 1999 - 2001 just to get a round about figure


is a 2000. I bought my 00 from a nieghbor down the street. The Guy rode it twice hit a tree the second time and now I got it. I paid 4500 for mine and have just gone through the break-in maint. Only 8 hours on the motor. Just be real careful on what and who ya buy it from, Yes even in the Bike Industriy there a Aholes that will ripe you off. Not sure what your experiance is but look for oil leaks, freash paint, bad seals, rust around the stems on the triple clamps and so on. also see if the wheels spin free and there are no squeeks coming from the Disc Braks Sign of warp or bad pads.

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AMA used bike guide states $4085.00

And there is such a thing called supply in demand. some people buy Ktoom's, some buy Cannondale's, if you notice, Ktoom's sell for there orig purchase price while Canondales sell for a used rubber and a half drank beer. 426's that I have seen fur sale are asking top $ if "IF" good condition.


http://www.kbb.com/kb/ki.dll/kw.kc.mr?kbb.CA;903422&95118;rc;r&154&2000;Yamah a;YZ426F;41426;14520

Your gonna trust what the AMA quotes, Geez they chaced the World GP out of America ! and screwed dirt tracking forever

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