IMS 3.2 or 4.6 Gallon tank?

I am looking at buying a bigger tank for the XR650R. I don't feel that the extra 0.6 gallons is worth the expense. Give me some feedback on the 4.6 or 3.2 tanks. I am particularly iterested in fit and finish and ergos. Thanks.

Clarke 4.3... Know it wasnt what you were asking, but a better tank IMO. :)

I have the IMS 4.6 gal tank and have for 4 years. I never had a problem with fit. I will tell you that I ride mountain trails and our longest rides are about 62 miles on a good day. The 4.6 gal. is overkill for that kind of riding. Late last year we started riding desert roads and found we can put tremendous distances on in a very short period of time so it looks like the tank is finally gonna get used. I have seen the Clark 4.3 gal tank and there is one thing I like about it over the IMS. It will take a stock decal and look like it was made for it. The sides of the IMS 4.6 gal tank are too wide for the decals. So I like the Clark for cosmetic reasons. The IMS 3.2 gal also looks really nice cosmeticly. If you plan on trips at 130 or more miles get the larger tank.

I just put a Clarke 4.3 on my 650 and the fit and finish are excellent. It's about the same width as my IMS 3.2 which makes for a comfortable ride. Not sure how wide the 4.6 is but I would recommend the bigger tank. You never know when you're going to need that extra gallon. I put on quite a few street miles before I get to the dirt and would always have to make sure I was topped off before I headed out.

From my experiences, the Clarke 4.3 has the nicest fit, finish & color match when compared to the IMS tanks, however I mainly use an IMS 3.2 because its significantly slimmer than the Clarke 4.3 in the knee area by over an inch and it gives me just enough range for my riding needs (~100 miles max). I also think the IMS 3.2 looks the best in terms of being porportionally correct for the bike where as the Clarke 4.3 & IMS 4.6 look kind of clunky to me. If you're looking for more than 100 miles in range and want the best color match, best fitting and nicest finished tank, then the Clarke 4.3 is worth considering in addition to the IMS 4.6. I already sold me Clarke 4.3, but if by chance you're looking for a dry brake tank, I've got a few extra used IMS 3.2 dry brake tanks I'm planning to sell in the near future.

Go big(ger) or don't go at all. I've got the Clarke 4.0 on my XRL. Stock was a go nowhere 2.8. No complaints with the Clarke. It's very well made, it fits well and the finish is about as good as it gets for aftermarket. It even looks like it came standard on the beast. The 4.6 was too large & bulky for this older bike, even though it's quite a gas hog.

Like they say, it's better to have too much (capacity) than not enough. Just don't put as much (fuel) in for those "short" rides. But we all know what can happen with "those."

Like jbrown404 said, "you just never know..." :)

Thanks for all the feedback guys. I will look into the Clarke. I like the idea of the larger capacity with the sides being more like the 3.2 IMS. Thanks again. :)

clarke 4.3 :D:):D

jeff :D

I see that you already have a lot of feedback on this, but I thought I'd give you my $.02. I have the Clarke 4.3 on my XR650R and though I have never tried installing an IMS tank on it, I have done so on a DR400 and a DR650. Each of them required modifications. The mounting holes didn't line up on either one, and the petcock mounting surface on one of them had to be ground flat because it leaked when gas was put in it. I wouldn't normally frown upon IMS except for the fact that I had problems twice! I personally don't believe that the quality assurance exists at IMS like it should. The Clarke however, bolted right up on the XR without a problem and the color matches perfectly. The only thing I had to do was loosen and rotate a hose clamp on the radiator for clearance.

As far as fuel capacity, I would get the largest. Sure it adds extra weight, but I would rather carry it along while riding than push the already heavy BRP to the nearest gas station. Once, while up in the mountains, I helped a guy out by siphoning enough fuel into his tank to get him to the nearest gas station and I still had enough to get home on. With the stock gearing, I can go about 120 miles of off-road riding BEFORE switching to reserve with this tank. Add an extra 20 miles if on the street.

I have 2 new IMS tanks for sale at $175 each dealer price (retail $250) plus shipping.

red 4.6,

clear 3.2


Thanks guys. I checked the Clarke site and it is a very nice tank. The price is great too. I like the positive responses about the quality. The funny thing is that I never considered the clarkes because I always assumed they were cheap and not up to IMS standards. Apparantly I am backwards. I too have had issues with an IMS on a YZ426. I did not like the way it fit and I did not like that it only used one of the stock mounting bolts. It did not make sense to double the fule weight and reduce the mounting points. The IMS tanks on my XR400's were also not the best fits. I think it will be the Clarkes. My buddy and I will prolly be ordering some up in the next few weeks. Then we will be upgrading our desert loop too. Thanks again :)

My clarke 4.3 was waiting for me when I got home. This thing fits great, almost better than stock.

Did you buy directly from clarke or did you find a better deal somewhere else? I found a place in Florida called Pro Flo that was $10 cheaper, but I am sure Clarke would get it to me faster because they are on the west coast too.

161.76 shipped to my door... Rocky Mountain MC :D:)

PS, they shipped it on tuesday, I got it today.. (Thursday)

They sell it at Rocky Mountain?!!! I did not see it in the catalog. I buy most of my stuff from them. They have awesome prices and they are soooo fast. I will have to check that out. Thanks. :)

Just went to their site and saw it. What an awesome price. That's the best I have seen yet! What color did you get? I am thinking of the white so I can see the fuel a little better. I like the red because it matches the bike. The natural tanks look kind of grungy to me. Send me a pic if you have one and dont mind :D

I didn't know that Rocky Mountain had them either! Once Clarke comes out with the new CRF250 tank I'm on it! :)

I have the white Clarke 4.3 on my BRP. I like the way it looks and over time it is still white. I agree with your take about the natural color.


I know this is an old thread but do any of you have anything to add to this topic? I am about to order a clarke 4.3 natural for $196.45 off ebay but I am torn about looking at the IMS tanks some more. I need a range of at least 120 miles or more. I really don't ride tight trails anymore so the extra size and weight shouldn't be a problem.

STOP! Don't order,I have a HUGE Blacktank that was on my XR600R(93) when I bought it an I am not going to use it. If you are interested I will go to the garage and take a couple of pics for you .I would say this is at least a 41/2 to 51/2 gallon tank. I will sell it for 120.00 plus shipping to you .i was going to put it on Ebay this week ,but if you can use it . it will save us both some work. Cap and mounts will go with it ,but I need the petcock I see you have a 650 ,so I don't know about the fitment . Maybe someone knows if they will interchange

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I know this is an old thread but do any of you have anything to add to this topic? I am about to order a clarke 4.3 natural for $196.45 off ebay but I am torn about looking at the IMS tanks some more. I need a range of at least 120 miles or more. I really don't ride tight trails anymore so the extra size and weight shouldn't be a problem.

What bike?

I have the clark 4.6 and just sold my 3.2 IMS. They both feel about the same while riding,but the larger tank will go 130 plus,while the ims would do 90 to 110.on the 650R

The only issue is the left side still has about a gallon in it (if not hitting big bumps) when it runs out.So you have to lay the bike on it's side and lift the front a little. Also a fan is real tight to fit on the larger tank.

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