Trail tech or genuine

Basically I'm at cross roads, go genuine and have the 450 back on the road sooner or wait 4weeks to have it imported from the states, in Australia.


What's the durability like of TrailTech and since I'm buying it here in Australia from a distributor who I believe has no association with the company, do I still get the warranty and customer service from TrailTech?

I could send my old stator away to baja although that's a hassle in it's self and would rather buy genuine anyway and with the old one send it away to be rewound ( basically I'd have a backup system)

Ok, so what I'm really asking is what's TrailTech stator kits really like?

Do you have a distributor in Australia ?

Was very happy with Ricky stator for my drz. Would recommend

TrailTech is already on order although I'll update with pics later when it arrives

Was very happy with Ricky stator for my drz. Would recommend

Send that Trail Tech crap back and buy a Ricky Stator.  You won't be disappointed. 

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