timing or carb??

This weekend I did the free mods. "air cleaner snorkel, grey wire and GYT-R exhaust insert. I went out riding today and my bike now runs like CRAP!! When I let off the throttle the engine idle speed stays way up for a couple of seconds before finally coming to a low idle. Also, it seems to backfire quite often now. Is the timing off since the grey wire was cut?? OR, do I now have to re-jet the carb?? OR, could it be a combo of the both? Has anyone else had this issue with their bike after doing the "free mods" on the WR450?? I hope you all can give me some good advice. :D :D :)

Without a doubt jetting, not timing. Take a look at the "Jetting Q's" section.

No need to adjust timing after the mods, just modify your jetting. You might want to take a look at some of the Thumper talk members signature line to see what setup they are running, but the idea is: 168-170 main jet, 45-48 pilot jet and about 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 turns on the pilot air jet screw.

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