Can Idle Speed=Fouled Plug???

Last night i changed my oil and went through the procedure of starting my bike in my garage for a few minutes to make sure all the cavities had no air in them (I know i am anal). I let my bike warm up enough to turn off the choke, but never cleaned it out riding down the street. When I was done, i increased the idle a bit and then killed the bike. This a.m. i went to my local track and the bike started 2nd kick and w/ choke and ran for about 10 seconds before fouling the plug. I have had the bike for 2 months and never had a problem and was wondering if i have my idle up to high can cause it foul when cold??? Or do you think because i didn't warm it up properly and maybe there was some residue oil left over from last night which caused it to foul the next day??

Any info would be greatly appreciated..

Dave (Sparky)

I had the same problem. I did the BK Mod and haven't fouled one since, but now I always make it a point to ride it if I start it. Not much, just enough to tear up some grass in the yard! No more problems. Good luck.

Try starting the engine cold without using the choke. I simply turn the idle knob about one turn in and then kick it through about 10 times or so with the compression released and then see if it starts within one or two kicks. I think I've used the choke maybe three times in the two years I've had my 426. It has never fouled a plug.

There are many threads on here about fouling plugs, I think it's worth doing a search to get some info. It seems that there are many fixes. For me it was changing brands of gas (from Mobil to Chevron). Good luck!

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