Cleaning brake disc/pads

Accidentally rode my YZ through salt-water mud (the stuff near the water of the Salton Sea in CA) and got my bike caked in this stuff. Days after washing it, the only problem I see is the rear brake. There is still a little salt in the holes of the disc, and it looks like that got on the pads, which got on the disc so now there are portions of the rotor that are getting rusty. Whats the best way to clean the disc and pads without messing them up?

For salt water?  Soap and water.  And a good stiff brush if necessary.  Simple Green should be perfect. 


BTW, you want to be careful down near the Salton.  


Some of that mud is unexpectedly







How about cleaning off fingerprints?  A new rotor from Galfer that I just received was covered in fingerprints on the braking surface.  Not happy about that whatsoever.

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