Boyesen Quickshot Install on 426 Carb?

I feel like surely I'm the most dense person on the forum since no one else seems to have asked this (already searched), but I'm a little confused on the install of the Quickshot on my 426 carb. My confusion is with the part my dog bit off, which says to use a tool provided (a steel rod, longer & the same diameter as the one that holds the float in place) to tap out the check valve ball, & remove/plug the leak jet with the plug also provided. But as you can see on my float to the right, the place they're saying to plug is plugged & I have gone at the check valve ball every which way I can think of to no avail. It occurred to me that the leak jet may be plugged for emission regulation like a lot of pit bike carb mixture screws after a certain year, but I can't find any information supporting or denying that. Do I just skip this step & replace the stock cover with the Boyesen cover without any other changes, or am I missing something here? 



Oh shit, just modified my search a little & found the 9999 other threads that cover this. Mods please delete.

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