New to Forum . And a Problem

Hello everyone ! New to this forum and new to owning a dirtbike. I ride street bikes street/track Yamaha R6 and a ZX10R . I decided to buy a 2012 Yz450f to have some fun on the bad weather days and improve street riding also.

I just bought my 450 on the 1st of January 2016 and when we tested it out it ran fine and strong . Brought it home rode it up and down the street the next day and rode fine. Always turned on on the 1st to 2nd kick . This morning I went to turn it on to warm it up to do an oil change for it to have new oil . After it turned on after a couple seconds with the choke on I turned off the choke reved it and on the 3rd Rev it shut off I can only assume it was cold still . When I try kicking it back on . On the 3rd kick it made a sound like mettle to mettle a bit , I went to kick it again the the kick start was completely jammed it will not kick no matter. what . The tire moves in Neutral but if I put it in 1st gear while holding the clutch it does not move at all ......:(

Any help of ideas will be appreciated. I have no clue what happened .

Try rocking the bike backwards while in gear? Sometimes kick starters will freeze. It happens from time to time with my bikes. The metal to metal sounds scary. Obviously there was oil in it when it ran briefly correct?

with it in neutral, hold the clutch lever down and kick. will it turn over then? if it will then your transmission is the issue and you'll have to split the cases. if not then you are locked up anywhere from the kick starter to the top end. either way you'll need to open it up and see. 

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Start by opening up the cam cover and checking the cam timing.

Thank you . At work but when I get off iam going to try rocking it back and forth , and holding the clutch too . And if everything does not work I'll try to open it up and see what I find .

I forgot to add, don't force it. If it doesn't want to move then don't make it move. It'll brake something else.

So update . brother in laws machanic took a look at it and turns out the timing chain was worn out and had been adjusted all the way . Which caused it to jump timing and bent a valve . He is going to look at everything to make sure nothing else is wrong since he has it apart already.

Any suggestion on what are the best or good valves to buy ?

Best valves for the money are genuine Yamaha.  There are aftermarket stainless valves that could be used and are sold at a lower price, but all of them will require you to use matching, heavier spring set that usually offsets the savings you get over stock stuff, and none of them really last longer than OEM Yamaha anyway.

Update .it's a miracle finally good news from everything. My valves are fine did not bent . So really to get it running in only need a new cam chain . But the machanic suggested I change the piston and rings now since it's apart . Since it had a bit of carbon build up. And to also replace top end gasket, stator cover gasket and valve seals with the cam chain ...

Any idea what the average cost for work like that would cost here in C.A?

Here is a pic



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