what needle clip position for hollister hills and clear creek area

My bike is at the shop, and I told the mechanic to place the needle on the 3rd position like described on the xr650.net site, Then I read the 4 Strokes.com site and they suggest the 3rd positon on one articel and the 4th position from the top on another. so what gives? :)

175, 68s, and need to know what position on the needle.

any suggestions

Which needle are you using?

If your using the B53 needle then use the 3rd clip position. The B53 needle has a richer taper at the point thus allowing you to use the 3rd clip position. If you have the stock one use the 4th.

I got the B53, and told them to use the 3rd position. Guess I'm starting to second guess myself, thanks for the Re-assurance. :)

No problem. There is a great jetting guide on the Pig Pen Site you can check out. It's setup by elevation and temp to establish jetting changes. Really helpful.

Just remember the jetting guide I did for the Pig Pen site is only a guide for a 'starting point'. You may in fact find that your optimal jetting varies slightly from these numbers, but it should be a good starting point.

You did that qadsan? Props to you man. :) Let the flood gates open on your PM box... How do I?? Where do I? What do I??..LOL

I'm pontiac_sr from the Yahoo group and gave Eric the data, but he spruced it up with formatting, additional comments, etc, and graciously added it to his web site in the spirit of helping others as he always does. He's done one heck of a job with the Pig Pen. There's a lot of good XR650R resource web sites out there, but Eric's Pig Pen is my favorite.

I agree, I'm a daily visitor.

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